2014-2016/reperformance/tempo variável

reperformance de ações históricas que tem como marca uma relação entre pares. Um conjunto de performances históricas são refeitas tendo como critério a escolha de ações que dependam de duas pessoas - ou seres - para serem realizadas. Com lucio agra.

A group of five historical performances were remade, taking into account actions that required two beings (humans or not). We chose to work with historically significant pairings in the performances, including artists and artists with animals or objects (taken by these artists as emblematic devices to their actions). The couples chosen were: Paulo Bruscky (Brazilian artist - “What is Art” - artist and poster), Gilbert and George (Living Sculpture), Beuys and dead hare, Marina and Ulay (“Imponderabilia” and “Relation in Time”). With Lucio Agra